Getting Started 


Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3. The process is simple, quick and efficient.


Get Comfortable with Confidentiality 


In order for you to feel comfortable sharing your confidential information with us, we need to sign an agreement that protects all information you provide. This agreement also covers the terms and conditions of our work and lets us know which Patent or Business Service you would like to purchase. So, step 1, contact us and we will send you our Engagement Letter and Non-Disclosure Agreement, or we can sign yours if you prefer. 



Free Assessment and, if successful, Partial Payment


Once we sign the Non-Disclosure and Engagement Agreements, we can have a preliminary discussion about your invention. We will then perform a FREE prior art search to see if your idea stands a good chance of being issued as a patent. If not, we will tell you so. If so, we will let you know that too and send you payment instructions. The first half of the payment is due at the begining of the patent writing process and the last half is due upon final delivery. We accept wire transfers, credit cards and PayPal.




Receive Your Patent by Email


Once the first payment is made, you will receive your patent within 10 business days. You will be provided a claim set first for your review to ensure we are on the right path and that you agree to the core elements you are claiming as your invention. If you would like a 3-day rush service, it is available for an extra charge of $2000, just let us know. For any questions or to check on the status of your patent, please email us at and we will respond to you within 24 hours, but typically within the same day.


Once complete, you will need to file the patent with the USPTO yourself after you and your legal advisor have reviewed it. If you would like Patent Tank to file the patent with the USPTO on your behalf, this service is offered free of charge, but you will need to cover the filing fees as they are not included in the patent writing fees. This is easily done through a USPTO credit card form. We can walk you through it if you are new to the process.