Benjamin Blumenthal

Mr. Benjamin Blumenthal is the Founder & CEO of PatentTank. He a senior executive with over 15 years experience in investment banking and entrepreneurship. He developed Private Placement and Capital Raising document writing skills while serving as Vice President of Bristol Investment Group in New York, where he led the firm’s investment in and raised start-up capital for Energy Brands Vitamin-Water, a venture that was later sold to Coca-Cola in 2009 for $4.1 billion.


Mr. Blumental served as the CEO of SunToWater Technologies, LLC, a company bringing to market a new atmospheric water technolgoy capable of dehumidifying desert air to create potable water using only solar power. He also served as CEO of Global Water Supply, Inc, a company dedicated to the development of Desalination Ships, a large-scale desalination plant onboard marine vessels, capable of servicing a country’s steady-state demand (i.e. Dubai, Oman) and respond to emergency needs (i.e. Haiti, Japan). In this role, Mr. Blumenthal presented water solutions to, and received support from, the White House, Pentagon, US State Department, US Department of Defense and NATO as well as from the governments of Thailand, Singapore, Israel, Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Oman. 


Mr. Blumenthal is a certified Mediator, specialized in cross-cultural conflict resolution. He studied at Oxford, has a BA from Emory University and an MBA from Emory’s Goizueta Business School.

Dr. Alan Bauer, PhD

Dr. ​Bauer has 20+ years experience in patent writing and consulting to clients including Boeing, Terra Venture Partners, Brightsource Energy, Ehrlich & Fenster and many others. Dr. Bauer served as the CEO of Cirrus Diagnostics, where he patented several advancements in biosensor technology. He also served as the Chief Technology Officer of Biosensor Systems Design. 


To date, Dr. Bauer has authored over 80 patents. A small sample of his patent portfolio includes US Patent numbers:
US 6,096,497;  US 6,342,347;  US 6,322,963;  US 6,503,701;  US 7,550,860 and US 7,847,422. A complete list is availalble upon request.


Dr. Bauer holds a BA, Magna Cum Laude, from Harvard University, a PhD in BioChemistry from University of Wisconsin, and is a US Fullbright Post-Doctoral Fellow in Structural Studies of Multi-Enzyme Metabolic Pathways at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.