Patent Services


Patent Tank provides law firms a dependable and cost-effective solution for writing US patents. Services include Prior Art Searches, Claim Set Analysis & Suggestions and Full Patent Writing.

Comprehensive & International
Prior Art Searches​


The first step of any patent writing process is to ensure that no one else has already patented or published your idea. PatentTank offers a free preliminary patent search and will perform a deep dive international search for a fee. This service is key to understanding what elements of an invention could be patentable.



Claim Set Analysis &
Artwork Development


The claim set is the core of any patent. It is the method or system that the issuing authority grants and defines the scope of the patent. A claim set that is too narrow or broad can open the field for competitors and reduce the protection and value of the patent. Additionally, the development of supporting artwork to describe the patent is critical. Patent Tank excels at both the claim set analysis and formulation as well as the artwork development.

Full End-To-End Patent Writing​ Services

Patent tank offers a full end-to-end patent writing service, beginning with concept introduction, advanced international prior art searching, claim set analysis and development, artwork development and much more. The company has been writing successful patents for more than fifteen years and has offered these services in a cost-effective and timely fashion. Unlike the 30 days it typically takes to complete a patent, Patent Tank can complete a full patent draft within 10 days and, for a rush fee, can have a 3 business day turn-around.