Raising Capital

Patent Tank offers a variety of high-value, low-cost business services for your firm and clients, from the development of the requisite documentation for a capital raise, to the development of a comprehensive Due Diligence package, to even making introductions to international investors and strategic partners. Since we are not registered or licensed securities dealers or brokers, our role is not to sell your company or its equity, but rather make meaningful and cost-effective introductions for either investment or busienss development purposes.
Private Placement Memoranda


Patent Tank offers Private Placement Memoranda writing serivces. Typically, the memoranda are 50 to 150 pages in length and comprehensively address all aspect of the equity raise.


To date, the memoranda developed by the Patent Tank team have resulted in over

$40 milllion in funds raised.



Financial Modeling
and Forecasting

​Patent Tank offers world-class financial modeling and forecasting for business scenarios and sensitivity analysis testing. Such modeling is essential to provide ROI projections to interested investors.

With over a decade of experience in investment banking and financial modeling, the Patent Tank team provides professional and compelling financial forecasts.


Addressable Market Analysis


Investors rely heavily on market definition to assess their return on investment. Typically, market definition comes with a significant study of the addressible market, the targeted subsegments and overall marketing strategy.


The Patent Tank team has developed dozens of market analyses for companes seeking to raise capital and create a compelling case for investment.


Valuation Assessment and Due Diligence

Entrepreneurs and Investors eventually meet over valuation -- how much is the company really worth. Patent Tank offers valuation assessments based on comparables, existing and future cash flows, management, historical investment and future cash flows, all of which helps maximize the client's position of a higher valuation. 

In addition, Patent Tank prepares the requisite due diligence package to ensure the client can easily navigate through the investor's queries.

Competitive Landscape Assessment

Among the most common questions asked by investors is, "Who else is doing this?" Too often a major competitor is overlooked and when the investor reveals his knowlege thereof, the investor looses interest.

Patent Tank provides professional competitive landscape assessments, performing deep dive research into established and emerging companies, identifying trends and opportunties.



International Investor Introductions

Team members of Patent Tank have presented technologies and solutions to the White House, the State Department, the Pentagon, NATO, the United Nations, and heads of state throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Patent Tank can provide introductory services to possible investors, both foreign and domestic.  

In addition to finding possible investors, Patent Tank can make introductions for Business Development and International Expansion.